Research Areas

Aims and Scope:

The conference would provide the platform to the faculty members and MS/Ph.D. research scholars to share knowledge and having interacting, interdisciplinary dialogues among scientists to appraise the status of developments in Mathematics and Research in the country. This conference would also provide a stimulating opportunity to meet experts from various universities/institutions in a variety of branches of mathematics. This will also serve as a beacon for the future roadmap of science in the country.


This conference covers following Research Areas:

  1. Functional Analysis and Operator Theory
  2. Dynamical Systems
  3. Mathematical Modeling
  4. Nonlinear and Complex Systems
  5. Nonlinear Optimization
  6. Fluid Mechanics
  7. Game Theory
  8. Algebra
  9. Numerical Analysis
  10.  Financial Mathematics
  11. Algebraic Geometry