Conference Theme – National Media Conference 2017

Research Conference Theme includes:

  1. Public Relations and Advertising
  2. Political Communication and Democracy
  3. Media and Resistance Movement in Subcontinent
  4. Critical and Cultural Studies
  5. Youth, Gender and Communication
  6. Disaster and Media Coverage
  7. Media, Language and Literature
  8. Media Hegemony
  9. Media, Climate Change and Environmental Issues
  10. Media, Information and Communication Literacy
  11. Radio, Television, and Entertainment Studies
  12. Media Management
  13. Health Communication
  14. Media and National Security
  15. Journalism: Theory and Practice
  16. Mass Communication, Society and Globalization
  17. Sports Journalism
  18. Community Journalism
  19. Development Support Communication
  20. Media, Propaganda and Psychological Warfare
  21. Globalization and Global Communication
  22. Media Education in Pakistan
  23. Media Ethics, Copyright and Intellectual Property
  24. Media Industry Trends and Dynamics
  25. Social Media and Web Journalism
  26. Communication Policy and Regulation
  27. Media, Identity and image building
  28. Political Economy of Media